Epoxy is a thermosetting polymer formed from the reaction of an epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. It is the preferred adhesive material for wind turbine blade manufacture because it produces composites with high sheer and compressive strength with less weight per volume than polyester-based composites.

The low initial viscosity of the epoxy guarantees fast and complete impregnation of reinforcing glass fibers, and allows laminates to be produced by contact pressure, vacuum and pressure bag techniques, filament windings and vacuum assisted resin injection. Furthermore, epoxy has good wetting properties with reinforcements, negligible permeability at high pressure, and suitable pot life and curing conditions.

Epoxy’s excellent mechanical and electrical properties makes it suitable for a range of applications in the production of wind turbine blades, and is accordingly used in all stages of our production, from impregnation of glass fiber mats to resin transfer moulding (RTM) of our composite components.

Other materials
Although fiberglass and epoxy are the predominant materials used in our production facilities, we have the knowledge and skills to use other materials, such as vinylester, polyester, phenol, etc. The dominant material characteristics among these vary, and we recognize the benefit of utilizing a spectrum of unique material attributes, based on the requirements of the final product features.


“When I had to have recreated a rear spoiler in carbon fiber to my Corvette race car, I contacted MM Composite, which immediately had a dedicated team available. The original drawings were missing, but that was not a challenge for the team that performed the task to perfection. Besides the high quality of the product, I also got the design counselling and and sparring with the finished product.”

Erik W. Pedersen, Precision Racing

KARL E. ZOBBE, Quality Manager from Siemens Wind Power

“We have worked closely with MM Composite since 1995. As a manufacturer and 3rd party supplier, they understand our requirements and needs and consequently always deliver high quality products. They understand what it is to be part of the development in a fast growing business environment.”

Karl Einer Zobbe, Quality Manager from Siemens Wind Power

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